Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Bath Fitter process? How does it all work?

A: The BATH FITTER process is simple and begins with a free in-home estimate with one of our sales representatives. If you are interested in scheduling an in-home consultation, please contact BATH FITTER here or call during our office hours. All estimates are free and there is no obligation to buy, with that in mind, we do ask that any party involved in the decision be present at the time of the estimate. The estimate will provide our professional assessment of your options. Homeowners will be shown full color photos of finished jobs and actual material samples, including colors, styles and accessories to choose from. Our salesman will provide an accurate price quote based on your choices and the size of the unit at the end of the consultation. Once an order is made, your new bathtub or shower will be custom-molded, to insure a perfect fit, and shipped to our local franchise. BATH FITTER will contact you to schedule an installation date at your convenience and the installation will take just one day!

Q: Why install a tub liner instead of removing my old tub?

A: Removing a bathtub is a difficult, disruptive, messy job. The process can damage the wall, the flooring, and the plumbing and can put your bathroom out of use for days. A custom-molded acrylic Bath Fitter tub liner is installed right over an old tub in a matter of hours and it can be used the same day.

Q: Why shouldn't I just use bathtub resurfacing or bathtub refinishing?

A: Repainting can make a bathtub look very good. Unfortunately, such painted-on finishes are fragile and require special care. Most jobs we have encountered have to be redone within two to five years. There is also a strong odor associated with repainting, and the coating requires three or four days to dry. You may want to ask someone who has used bathtub refinishing to see what they thought of the process and the results. Additionally, bathtub resurfacing does not provide a long-term solution that’s seamless and easy to clean. Installing a Bath Fitter acrylic tub liner or acrylic shower provides a long lasting, efficient solution to revive your bathroom.

Q: Is the one-piece Bath Fitter wall installed right over my old tile?

A: Yes! Our unique, one-piece seamless wall system is installed right over existing tiling. If necessary, we repair any damaged areas in your wall first to ensure a solid, secure base for your new tub surround or shower surround, we won’t just cover up problems.

Q: My parents are getting older and are having trouble getting in and out of their current unit. I want make sure that they have an easy-to-use and safe bathroom. Are there options available for this kind of remodel?

A: Yes! BATH FITTER has remodeled many bathrooms to accommodate all types of unique needs. We can convert your existing bathtub into an easy-access shower with our tub-to-shower conversion system! We simply remove your existing bathtub and replace it with a new, extra-large shower. We offer slip-resistant floors to ensure safety.

Q: I like the look of tile, is there an option that allows for this look in my bathroom?

A: Yes! Bath Fitter can install a beautiful tile-patterned wall that looks exactly like ceramic tile, however, it’ll be easier to clean and more durable than grout!

Q: How long will a Bath Fitter acrylic bathtub liner or shower surround last?

A: Acrylic has been used extensively in bathtubs and spas throughout North America for 25 or 30 years and much longer in Europe. Acrylic, unlike porcelain, fiberglass or enamel surfaces, can be maintained and kept looking brand new even after years of use with the application of a simple buffing compound. Also, because the material is colored all the way through, minor scratches won't show and deeper ones can be buffed out.

Q; How will you make a liner that fits into my tub?

A: Bath Fitter has an inventory of hundreds of molds so we can make a liner that is an exact copy of your tub. We’ll simply take some measurements and then order the proper liner.

Q; How easy is it to maintain a Bath Fitter tub or shower once installed?

A: Acrylic is very easy to clean! It features a highly polished, non-porous surface, meaning soil rinses right off! For more information on approved cleaning products, please visit

Q: What type of warranty does BATH FITTER offer?

A: Bath Fitter’s acrylic bathtubs, tub surrounds, replacement showers and shower conversions are guaranteed for as long as you own your home. You can trust in a company that’s been in business for over 30 years. You can trust in Bath Fitter. Our warranty is subject to limitations. See your location for details.

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